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I’m Romane Iskaria photographer and visual artist.
I was born in La Ciotat in the south of France in 1997.
I work and live in Brussels, Belgium.

My studio is based in the Grand Hospice space in the center of Brussels.

I develop long-term projects combining documentary and fiction where I use photography, video, sound and sculpture to create immersive installations. Alongside my personal projects, I also carry out photographic commissions for the cultural and artistic world, I specialize in portrait and reporting.

My projects are shaped around my meetings but also my travels. Driven by the desire to listen to the stories and raise the voices of artists, women, the forgotten, communities through portraiture. I chose the voice of the artistic world by joining the Fine Arts of Marseille at 18 years old. I have never stopped creating projects on communities: Assyrians communitues around the world, the inhabitants of various neighborhoods in the North-East of Brazil, the students in their dorm rooms 9m2 in the university campus of Luminy in Marseille. Driven by the desire for elsewhere, I left for an international exchange at the Visual Arts school of Quebec in Canada. Finally, I finished my studies at the ENSAV La Cambre school with a Master’s degree in Photography and visual arts of space in Brussels Belgium.

Since I was young, I have never stopped photographing the artists, creators, women and men around me who inspire me. With an incessant desire to renew my outlook and create an image both in my personal projects and for commissioned photographs.

E. info@romaneiskaria.com
T. +330622129558



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